Latest Bridgestone ball model said to offer distance and a soft feel for golfers with moderate swing speeds

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Bridgestone Golf’s most recent addition to the ball market is the Extra Soft, a model designed to appeal to the majority of amateur golfers who have a slower swing speed than Tour players, but want more distance and better feel from a golf ball.

It features a new 2-piece construction that combines an extra soft gradational core with a soft ionomer cover to produce longer distance, superior feel and a straighter flight on all shots.

The Extra Soft ball also provides golfers of varying skill levels with more consistent ball flight and accuracy from tee to green, thanks to the optimal aerodynamic performances of Bridgestone’s patented Seamless Cover Technology and Tour-proven 330 dimple design.

Bridgestone Extra Soft ball

“Bridgestone Golf continues to enhance the modern golf ball and the new Extra Soft ball gives more amateur golfers the opportunity to improve their game, simply by choosing a ball that is more of a match to their individual swing speed,” Steve Kettlewell, Managing Director of Bridgestone Golf UK, commented.

The low compression provided by the new ball’s soft gradational core makes it easier for golfers with moderate swing speeds – at least 75 per cent of those fitted by Bridgestone Golf average no more than 105 mph off the tee – to compress the ball fully and gain maximum distance; while the softness of the ionomer cover produces more spin and feel for outstanding greenside performance.

Ball-fitting technician Joe Distefano added: “Many golfers don’t realise that the golf ball they’re using doesn’t match their swing speed and will inhibit the distance they can achieve. The new Extra Soft ball will help more of these golfers improve their distance on every shot, just like Matt Kuchar or Fred Couples can achieve with their respective Tour 330 ball versions.”

The new Extra Soft has an RRP of £19.99 per dozen.