?At the beginning I didn?t think I would be here [leading the US Open] but now that I am I am going to take advantage,?
Angel Cabrera

?Yeah my home course is as tough as this?No of course this is the hardest, just walking through the parking lot is hard enough,?
Bubba Watson

?It is right on the edge of being fair?I had three putts today that I could be aggressive on and that?s it,?
Tiger Woods

?It?s right up there with the best round I have ever played, in fact right now it is the best round I have ever played,?
Paul Casey

?I think it?s a better 71 than yesterday when I walked off the course being a little disappointed. Today I?m delighted with a 71,?
Justin Rose

?I don?t have to root for carnage, it?s going to happen and I?m going to watch it on TV,?
Phil Mickelson

?Unfortunately I have hit four bad shots and have been punished for it. And so I should be. I shouldn?t have hit the shorts I hit,?
Ian Poulter

?It?s just a mean golf course,?
Jim Furyk