The Masters champion arrived at Shinnecock Hills last Sunday and even played in a members tournament


Patrick Reed On His Meticulous US Open Prep + Why He Hates Making 5s

Masters Champion Patrick Reed has come into this week’s US Open slightly under the radar, with the likes of Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose et al most fancied this week at Shinnecock Hills.

Reed’s preparation for The Masters was quite remarkable, and when you look at it you realise just how deserving a champion he was.

He spent 16 hours on the golf course at Augusta before the tournament week had even started and hit around 3000 putts in one day according to his coach.

Has the Texan prepared the same way for the US Open? Quite possibly.

In his pre-tournament presser today, the Masters champion revealed that he got to Shinnecock last Sunday… 12 days before the tournament. He has played every day barring Saturday and even teed it up in a members competition.

“I got here Sunday night. Last Sunday, right after Memorial. And I played in the member tournament on Monday, and I played every day except for Saturday. I took Saturday off and, you know, just been out here grinding, enjoying the area, and just having some fun,” he said.

Asked why he got there so early? Logistics.

“Really, the biggest thing was, you know, we were going to come up right after Memorial anyways to play and probably go back Wednesday. But then our team sat down and realized, well, that’s a lot of flying to fly Wednesday all the way back to Houston, then turn around and fly all the way back, you know, a couple days later.

“So we decided to stay. We flew up the family, and, I mean, I basically prepared the same exact way I would at home, but instead here. And it’s always nice to get a couple more rounds on a golf course you haven’t seen before.”

Reed spoke on a number of topics such as his hunger to win more majors, how he gets recognised in the streets of Houston whilst wearing his everyday clothes and why he still hasn’t signed an equipment contract.

“Really, for us, we felt like all the companies make absolutely — make great equipment,” said Reed.

“But to get all the — all 14 clubs and a ball to match up perfectly with a player is very hard to do. I mean, there’s always something in your golf bag that you feel like might be better with a different piece of equipment than others.

“Being able to sign with Nike and join the Nike team, it allowed me to free myself up to really fine tune and figure out what I feel like is the best equipment and is going to allow me to go out and play the best golf. Before that, I was able to mix and match and find what I felt like is going to allow me to consistently play better golf, day in and day out.”

Reed was also asked on whether the two par-5s at Shinnecock, both long in length, would play as proper par-5s where players would be happy with par.

He wasn’t having any of it.

“I don’t like any 5s on the scorecard, whether it’s a par 4, par 5. I mean, I try to make 4 or 3 or even 2 on every hole.

“So, you know, to me, it’s not — I mean, when it’s a par 5, it just means I have one more shot I can hit in order to make a birdie. And, you know, I’ve always been — I’ve always been, you know, wired to be aggressive, to play par 5s, to treat them as par 4s and try to go make par that way or a birdie on a par 4.

“So I try to stay as aggressive as possible.”

“I do not like 5s on par 5s,” he reiterated.

Patrick Reed gets his US Open underway at 12.51pm with fellow Masters winners Zach Johnson and Charl Schwartzel.

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