Follow these tips to add 10 yards off the tee and you’ll reach par 5’s in two more often, and have shorter irons into greens enabling you to be more aggressive with your approach shots.

There are a certain occasions when a big tee shot will set up a realistic birdie opportunity. Knowing what to do to generate a few crucial extra yards is important for every golfer but crucially, what you cannot do is lose your rhythm. By swinging harder all you’ll do is destroy the timing that lies at the heart of good golf so here’s how to increase your swing speed by making a couple of small, simple tweaks at address.

Firstly, widen your stance a fraction. This will help you make a more athletic turn that creates resistance between your upper and lower body at the top of the backswing.

The key is to make a full upper body turn. To do this, let your left heel lift off the ground as you reach the top. That should make it easier to rotate your upper body.

This will help increase body rotation, which in turn produces more speed during the downswing. To maximise club head speed further, move your hands to the top of the grip at address.

By increasing the length of the club, you’ll make the arc of your swing wider for more speed and power.

Lots of amateurs swing down into the ball with a steep angle of attack and actually hit down on their drives. This causes the ball to pop up and lose distance.

To hit up on the ball and sweep the ball off tee tee like the bombers do, move the ball forward in your stance. Tee the ball up in line with the outside of your left foot, and set the club head back about eight inches behind it. This will encourage that upward angle of attack we are looking for.

This ball position should encourage a shallower path on the downswing. Setting up behind the ball should help you visualise the club head rising up to the ball at the point of impact.

Try these relatively minor tweaks while you’re at the range, and you should see how they translate into some important extra power.

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Key tips

  • Make a full upper body turn
  • Lift your led t heel off the ground as you reach the top to increase body rotation
  • Move your hands to the top of the grip at address for a wider swing arc and more speed on the downswing