Backswing coil for power is essential. If you can grrove it into your game you’ll be able to hit longer drives without having to swing any harder. Of course there are a whole host of reasons you might be struggling for distance off the tee, but coil in the backswing is a great place to start.

Coil or upper body rotation, is one of the essential elements for both power and accuracy in the swing. What you are looking for is your chest to turn behind the ball. At the top of the backswing your back should face the target. Importantly your hips should not rotate as far. If you back has turned 90%, your hips should only tunr 45˚. This is what creates what is sometimes referred to as the x factor in the golf swing and creates power without you having to swing any harder.

Place a shaft across your shoulders and mimic your backswing. When you reach the top, the bottom of the grip should be pointing to the right of the golf ball. then as you drive through the ball, a full coil through will see the bottom of the club pointing well to the left of the ball.

This is also what creates width in the golf swing. When Tiger Woods was in his prime, it was the width in the golf swing that was responsible for the huge distances he was able to hit the golf ball.

Get this element of the golf swing right and you will also develop better weight distribution in the swing and avoid the dreaded reverse pivot.

Try this drill in the mirror at home and take the time to groove the correct motion. Repeat it again and again and this very simple mechanic of the golf swing will become a strong feature in your game. You will soon start to develop more speed through impact and hit the ball further off the tee without having to try!