£350 Iron Set Tested

Neil puts them through their paces during nine holes of golf, discussing the performance, the looks and feel to see whether the £350 price tag represents good value for money.

£350 Iron Set Tested


The first thing to talk about here is the matte grey or satin finish which looks absolutely superb. Behind the ball the top-line thickness is pretty spot on, not being too thick or thin and there is a rather generous hitting area as well. There is a lot of space from the heel to the toe although perhaps the off-set look may not be to everyone’s taste.

That being said Inesis clearly understand the value in getting the looks of their clubs spot on.


Compared with Neil’s current irons, the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged, the Inesis irons produce a slightly higher pitched noise at impact but it is not too different. They do not produce a big, clunky sound and they do sound smooth through the ball.

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Inesis have come up with an interesting way for you to find the right irons for you without having to do the traditional custom fit.

Within the Inesis iron range you have 6 different setups to choose from and the first thing you need to do is figure out your hand to floor measurement which will give you an idea on the length of golf clubs you need.

The second thing you do is you select the iron set you want based on your swing speed. After you have been through this process via the Decathlon website, you will get a set that is slightly more tailored towards you.

On Course Test

Neil put the seven-iron of the Inesis up against his Mizuno on the 17th hole at the London Club and after hitting three shots with each there were some interesting findings.

Switching between the Mizuno and Inesis it was noticeable how much more flight Neil was getting with the Inesis, despite being one degree stronger than the Mizuno. This shows the engineers have done a great job in designing a club that can help players get the ball into the air.

The other thing to notice here is the consistency of the distance with the Inesis too regardless of where you strike the ball on the club-face.

Buy Now from Decathlon for £349.99


Throughout the nine holes the performance of the irons was very good. They are very easy to flight and they feel very good as well. There is plenty of forgiveness on offer, packed into a package that looks good too.

As a result these clubs could be used by a whole host of different players and the can be tailored to your game slightly with the fitting aspects we mentioned above.


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