Always one to push the boundaries in innovation, technology and performance, adidas has today unvield golf’s first ever fully asymmetrical golf shoe – the adidas asym energy boost.

Each golf shoe is uniquely designed in the adidas asym energy boost, so the left shoe is more stable as you roll through impact, while the right foot is designed to turn dynamically as you move up on to your toe.

Consequently, as well as the usual array of sizes, the adidas asym energy boost comes in both left and right-handed models!

Utilising the latest in biomechanical equipment, such as heat mapping and force plate pressure studies, adidas analysed shoe movements during the golf swing to reveal how differently each foot reacts.

It became clear that there were potentially huge advantages in harnessing these differences and having design and performance characteristics dedicated to both the front and back foot.

So why hasn’t this happened before you ask?

adidas’ director of global product marketing, Masun Denison, told GM: “It was a challenging process that involved a lot of additional research and much more design and development.

“The great thing about asymmetrical technology is that it is intuitive, meaning whenever we tell someone why we developed the asym energy boost and explain that our feet work differently during the golf swing, people get it. It is complex to make a shoe like this, but easy to understand the benefit it provides.”

A key difference between the front and rear shoes is where the gripmore cleats are placed on the outsoles.

The front foot (the left foot for right-handed golfers) has smaller gripmore cleats on the inside and much larger cleats along the outside of the sole. This gives you more grip as you shift your weight towards the target through impact and roll onto your front foot.

In contrast, the rear foot (the right foot for right-handed golfers) has its biggest gripmore cleats in the toe area to deliver maximum traction during the powerful impact move when you lift up onto your toe.

adidas asym energy boost

The soles of the adidas asym energy boost shoes are each are designed differently

Also on the outsoles are two different flex groove patterns, which are the slots between the cleats. These are again each designed differently to be more efficient to the motion each foot makes during the swing

Another difference is the energy sling on the outside of the front foot, which is the blue triangle you can see below. This aids your energy transfer and prevents the loss of power and control, which can happen if you are unstable.

adidas asym energy boost

The new adidas asym energy boost

Like the standard adidas adipower boost shoes, the asym model also features a TPU midsole foam that cushions your steps for comfort, and helps your feet spring back up to give you more energy in the latter stages of your round.

The adidas asym energy boost golf shoes will retail at £199, and come in both White/Core Black/Night Flash (as pictured above), and Black/Dark Silver/Bold Orange.