Big Max is an Austrian brand famed for the innovative fold-flat push trolleys. They also have an impressive range of bags. Here’s our Big Max Bag Review 2017…

We are going to focus on two key models here – the brand’s leading, premium cart bag and lightweight stand bag.

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Big Max Bag review 2017: Aqua V1

The Details: The Aqua range of golf bags from Big Max are designed to be 100% waterproof. The seams are sealed and the Japanese manufactured zips prevent any water from getting through and this is the key selling point. The V1 version also features an innovative locking system for the woods section of the bag. As you push the clubs in, you turn them and this locks them in position to prevent contact between them. Other features include a 14-way divider, nine waterproof pockets and 9.5 inch oversize top.

Price: £299.99

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GM Verdict: The Big Max Aqua V1 offers all the storage of a Tour Bag whilst remaining lightweight and easy to use. The V1 locking system is a neat piece of innovation that does work to separate the woods and keep them set firm in the bag. The waterproof protection is excellent and we loved the ample storage on offer. There really is room for any item you might need during a round of golf. We used a red and black version which might not be to everyone’s taste but there are four other colour options in the range. An excellent cart bag that works particularly well with the Big Max push trolley offerings.

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Big Max Bag review 2017: Dry Lite G

The Details: This is an ultra-lightweight carry bag that features the same 14-way divider as the Aqua V1. Whilst Big Max were keen to stress to us this is water resistant as opposed to waterproof, the bag does come with seven waterproof pockets so it should offer plenty of protection from the rain. Other features include an air-circulating strap, a strap fix and leg lock that allows the bag to be used on a trolley and five modern stylish colour combinations.

Price: £149.99

GM Verdict: For those who want a no-nonsense stand bag, this one ticks all the boxes. It offers good waterproof protection but crucially, it is extremely light. There is plenty of storage space too and the cleverly-designed straps made it a joy to carry.