The new Callaway XR 16 driver takes the drag-reducing design elements of the 2015 XR driver and improves upon it. To do so, Callaway joined forces with aeroplane experts Boeing in designing the crown’s raised feature to help increase clubhead speed during the downswing, helping increase distance.

But not only is this driver faster, Callaway say it is also more forgiving thanks to the larger shape and a CG (centre of gravity) position that is lower and deeper in the head.

By working with experts at Boeing, including technical fellow Jeffrey Crouch, Callaway were able to pinpoint the size and placement of the re-engineered Speed Step Crown, which Callaway are calling a Trip Step crown, to save weight and add more ball speed.

Callaway XR driver address

It also features next generation R MOTO Face Technology that’s up to 19 per cent thinner and the body is lighter too, which leads to more ball speed across the face. This weight has been taken and redistributed it in the clubhead for even more MOI.

“As the air travels over the face it wants to leave the crown and when it does it re-circulates in an area of low pressure behind and above the crown. It’s large and increases drag, which slows the head down, which we don’t want,” Alan Hocknell, Senior VP of Callaway R&D, told GM.

“Instead, we were able to keep the air attached to the crown for longer. This delayed flow detachment means less drag is created.”

“The Trip Step crown doesn’t need to be tall but it does need to be close to the face and have a sharpness to the edge. We actually found it is least effective in the middle, and actually harms the speed, so that’s why there’s a gap in the middle. The shape has only changed slightly, but it has made a big difference to the performance.”

Callaway XR Pro 16

It also comes in a Pro version, which offers lower spin and a more neutral CG bias in the 450cc deeper-faced head that better players tend to prefer.

Technical Specs
The XR 16 driver comes stock with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 shaft in lofts 9°, 10.5°, 13.5° HT, RRP £289. The Pro model comes stock with the Fujikura Evolution II TS 665 shaft in lofts 9° and 10.5°, RRP £329. On sale Jan 29th.


Callaway XR 16 Fairway wood

Callaway has combined its highest MOI, longest fairway wood and a low centre of gravity in the new XR 16 model.

It features the fourth generation of its Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup technology, which continues to evolve to offer golfers more ball speed and forgiveness across the face.

Callaway XR 16 fairway

It also features the thinnest crown Callaway have ever put in a fairway wood, placing the CG lower to increase launch and reduce spin while raising MOI through redistributing the weight more effectively.

Internal standing wave positions weight low and forward while maintinain flexibility of the face cup design. The sole design has also improved, some added camber on the leading edge and bottom of the sole increases versatility. Relieved sections on heel and toe improve turf interaction.

There’s also a Pro model, which is slightly smaller than the standard model and has a flatter, more penetrating trajectory with less draw bias.

Technical Specs
The XR 16 fairway wood comes in lofts 14° (3+), 15.5°, 17°, 19°, 21° and 23° with a Fujikura Evolution 2 565 shaft, RRP £189. The Pro version comes in 14.5°, 16°, 18° with a Fujikura Evolution 2 765 shaft, RRP £199. On sale Jan 29th.