To sit alongside its new XR16 woods, Callaway has unveiled a set of game-improver irons that take its Face Cup technology from previous models and combine it with a forgiving wide sole design.

The OS stands for oversize and the addition of the wider sole makes the Callaway XR OS irons easier to launch. This makes it easier to pick up distance with the Face Cup, which has also been made faster since the XR irons from last year.

Golfers are now going to get more ball speed from a wider area, especially low on the face where many game improvers tend to strike the ball.

XR OS irons faceThis was possible thanks to a multi-piece construction and a new heat treatment, with a soft heat treatment on the body also aiding the irons’ feel. A urethane insert between the clubface and rear of the cavity also improves the feel at impact.

“These irons are designed for those golfers that need help,” Dr. Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Callaway R&D, told GM.

“They’re looking to enjoy the game more and are also better suited to those players that lack clubhead speed. That said, there are fast swingers out there that struggle with their ball striking and accuracy that would benefit from the new XR OS irons too.”

XR OS Irons toe view

As mentioned before, the wide soles make the irons easier to launch thanks to them allowing the centre of gravity (CG) to be moved lower and further back.

This CG position also makes it easier to get more distance out of every impact location across the face, which should aid your consistency.

As with many modern game-improve irons, progressive lengths and lofts help you hit it further and with more consistent gaps between clubs.

Callaway XR OS hybrid

There will also be the option to go for a combo set with the XR OS hybrid, for added distance and forgiveness in the harder-to-hit section of your bag. The XR OS hybrid also benefits from Face Cup technology for more distance, as well as a larger shape and more draw bias.

Technical specs
The Callaway XR OS irons are available from January 22nd in 4-SW, with a seven club set costing £599 in steel (True Temper Speed Step 80) and £799 in graphite (Mitsubishi Rayon MRC Fubuki AT).