Sometimes it is apparent that your playing partner has got dressed in the dark ahead of his or her early tee time. After the ribbing that inevitably ensues on their arrival to the first tee, it’s not uncommon for them to have a bad round feeling self conscious about the way they look wishing they’d given what they were wearing a little more thought before leaving the house.

A perfect golfing outfit not only helps you to look good, but coming from this is a confidence and authority that encourages a better performance out on the course. As Ian Poulter says, “look good, feel good, play great.”

We spoke to FootJoy’s Richard Fryer about the importance of getting an outfit that matches in all the right places and where golfers should start in creating their ensemble for the day.

The best place to start is with the trousers. Golfers only tend to have one or two pairs of trousers in their wardrobe so this is a good starting point. From there, they can choose a polo shirt and cover up top that matches this in some way, perhaps through the trim so you’re not creating blocks of one colour across the top and bottom half.

Ideally the shoes would match the trousers in some way. If you have a particularly outlandish pair of trousers you like to wear regularly, you can design your favourite pair of shoes on the MyJoys website to match.

To top it all off, make sure the shoes, belt and hat all match too. This will complete the look and help you to look and feel your best out on the golf course. Don’t forget FootJoy offer many different styles, fits and materials across different garments so make sure you try them on first to see which suits your body shape and typical conditions you play in.

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