Cubik Eyewear Wrap Around Prescription Sunglasses Review

A brand new British-based company, called Cubik Eyewear, is promising to offer wrap-around prescription sunglasses at an affordable price. Designed specifically for sport, they are available from £59 for non-prescription lenses and from £149 for full wrap prescription lenses. There are also a whole host of additional affordable add-ons such as varifocals, polarised and light responsive lenses. We took them to West Hill Golf Club in Surrey to see exactly how they perform…

If you have ever bought wrap-around prescription sunglasses, you will probably be used to paying a lot more than this…

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Apart from the price, the key feature to these Cubik Eyewear wrap around sunglasses is their durability. The patented frame design features no screws or metal hinges. This means that if you sit on or step on the sunglasses, they don’t crack. Instead, the different component parts, including the frames, come away and can be quickly and easily rebuilt. The accompanying Cubik Eyewear wrap around prescription sunglasses review video illustrates how simple this process is and this features means that any sportsman can compete in confidence that their sunglasses should not break.

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In addition to this the sunglasses come with an anti-glare coating. This combination of a tight, wrap-around fit and large, clear field of vision makes them ideal for sport. The lenses themselves are relatively large and this means the frames do not cut through your vision (something golfers often struggle with, especially at address). They also offer a very snug fit to ensure they do not move during the motion of the golf swing. All of this means that they offer all the protection necessary from the sun whilst not interfering with your round

Go to for more information including how to order. They are available now through the Cubik Eyewear website from £59 for non-prescription and £149 for prescription lenses.