As the pioneers of shoe fitting, FootJoy has taken it a step further with the launch of the Performance Fitting System. They have teamed up with BodiTrak, specialists in pressure mapping systems, to develop a special mat that measures a golfer’s centre of pressure and how it moves during the swing.

The data collected from just three drives then goes into a sophisticated algorithm and recommends a structured shoe, a mobile shoe or somewhere in between based on how the weight moves through the swing and where force is applied to the ground.

We took three Golf Monthly readers along to FooJoy’s HQ in St Ives to try the new system out, find out which shoe was best for them and see if they experienced the benefits.

Meet the Tester
Graham Johnson
12 handicap
Home Club: Bolton Old Links
Current shoes: 2014 DryJoys Tour
Fitted for: 2016 DryJoys Tour

FootJoy PFS-mat

Fitter Analysis
“Graham has a wide variety of FJ shoes in his wardrobe so was interesting to see what type best suited his swing. On the PFS it was clear that structured was best for him and he was pleased about that because he’s worn DryJoys Tour for a number of years, one of the most structured in the FJ range. He was delighted that the system reaffirmed his was wearing the right type of shoe for his game.”

Tester Feedback
“I’ve been wearing FJ DryJoys Tour in size 9 nearly all my life, so it’s reassuring to know they haven’t been holding me back. I was surprised at the findings of the shoe fitting, as I came down to 8.5, but when I tried the shoes on it felt like the shoes were moulded more around my feet.”

“Out on the course, that half a size made a massive difference, there was no movement inside the shoe whatsoever and they were much more comfortable to walk in. They were light, protected my feet from the elements and I really enjoyed how stable they felt.”