As the pioneers of shoe fitting, FootJoy has taken it a step further with the launch of the Performance Fitting System. They have teamed up with BodiTrak, specialists in pressure mapping systems, to develop a special mat that measures a golfer’s centre of pressure and how it moves during the swing.

The data collected from just three drives then goes into a sophisticated algorithm and recommends a structured shoe, a mobile shoe or somewhere in between based on how the weight moves through the swing and where force is applied to the ground.

We took three Golf Monthly readers along to FooJoy’s HQ in St Ives to try the new system out, find out which shoe was best for them and see if they experienced the benefits.

Meet the Tester
Chris Franklin
17 handicap
Home club: Studley Wood
Current shoes: FootJoy HyperFlex
Fitted for: FootJoy FreeStyle


Fitter Analysis
“Chris wears FJ HyperFlex, which is more toward the mobile style of shoe. He was showing up as being Dual, so between mobile and structured, on occasion moving into the mobile category. He opted for the Freestyle model, our most mobile shoe in the range as system suggested they would perform for him. The last on Freestyle meant Chris came down half a size during the fitting, just emphasising the importance of getting fitted for every pair of shoes and that you aren’t one size for every shoe.”

Tester Feedback
“It was amazing to see in just a few drives how my weight moves around in the swing and how a more mobile shoe was best for me. This was reassuring for me as they tend to be more comfortable. Freestyle gave me a little more freedom during the swing I felt more able to turn and rotate through the ball much more easily. I could hit a draw more often too! I would highly recommend golfers go through the process.”