As the pioneers of shoe fitting, FootJoy has taken it a step further with the launch of the Performance Fitting System. They have teamed up with BodiTrak, specialists in pressure mapping systems, to develop a special mat that measures a golfer’s centre of pressure and how it moves during the swing.

The data collected from just three drives then goes into a sophisticated algorithm and recommends a structured shoe, a mobile shoe or somewhere in between based on how the weight moves through the swing and where force is applied to the ground.

We took three Golf Monthly readers along to FooJoy’s HQ in St Ives to try the new system out, find out which shoe was best for them and see if they experienced the benefits.

How does the FootJoy Performance Fitting System work?

Meet the Tester
Andrew Baird
8 handicap
Home club: Bramshaw
Current shoes: 2014 FootJoy DryJoys Tour
Fitted for: 2016 DryJoys Tour


Fitter analysis
“Andy is a big fan of DryJoys Tour and the system confirmed that this structured model was right for him. He had a quicker swing speed, so people might think a structured shoe would naturally work best for him but that isn’t always the case as swing speed is very different to centre of pressure.

Andy was a typical example of someone who has opted for a bigger size to get width, but he discovered he could come down a size and half by going to an extra wide fit. This is going to provide much better comfort, his shoes should last longer and his performance should improve as a result.”

Tester Feedback
“I currently wear size 12 wide DryJoys Tour and I’ve always had too much room in the toes as a result of my wide feet. I was fitted for 10.5 extra wide, which is only available on the MyJoys platform, but settled on 11 wide today to test out on the course.

I certainly noticed the tighter, more snug fit, which felt more comfortable and powerful. It’s a very science based approach to fitting that made a real difference. If you’re going to get fitted for clubs, you may as well get fitted for shoes and a small change can make a big difference.”