Fresh off the launch of the polarising new FreeStyle shoe, FootJoy has revealed its latest spikeless creation called the FootJoy VersaLuxe shoe. This new model designed for on and off course versatility combines real leather with waterproof protection.

Joining other popular models in FootJoy’s spikeless range such as DryJoys Casual and Contour Casual, the VersaLuxe shoe is designed to offer comfort and an excellent fit thanks to a soft, genuine cork covered fit-bed. Skip to 1:10 in the video above to find out more from FJ’s Mike Foley about the new VersaLuxe shoe.

FootJoy VersaLuxe inset

Explaining where it will sit alongside its existing spikeless models, Richard Fryer, FootJoy’s sales and marketing director, told GM: “The new VersaLuxe has been designed as a premium golf shoe that can be worn seamlessly on or off the course.

“It’s got the soft feel of real leather, but importantly it’s waterproof, unlike a lot of competitive offerings in this sector, and it’s available in a range of sizes and widths.”

This on-off course versatility comes from its durable spikeless outsole, while the waterproof protection is ensured thanks to its soft SuppleLuxe waterproof leather uppers, which are made by respected English leather company Pittards.

Spikeless shoes are renowned for their comfort, and FootJoy has made sure the VersaLuxe doesn’t fall short, with over 20 different size and width options that work together with leather linings for superior feel and comfort.

A suede inner-heel pocket that stops your foot slipping as you walk further increases comfort, while a genuine cork covered fit-bed softens your stride as you walk.

The brand new VersaLuxe (£140) will be available from March 2016 in 23 different size and width options and will come in three colourways; Luggage Caramello, Luggage Black and Chalky Off White.