Golfers will go to great lengths to make sure their clubs are tuned in to their exact needs based on their size and the way they swing the club. So why do so many still insist on wearing golf shoes that are the wrong size?

FootJoy, the number one selling shoe company in the UK, have conducted thousands of shoe fittings and found that over two thirds of golfers are wearing the wrong size shoe. They have also discovered that a shoe that is too big can cause a loss of power during the swing.

In this video above, the importance of being fitted for your shoes is highlighted by FootJoy’s Richard Fryer. After all, your shoes represent your only point of contact with the ground and using the ground correctly is an extremely important part of hitting the ball longer and more consistently.

Watch: What is the right golf shoe for your swing?

Lots of golfers have very wide feet and consequently have to opt for a longer length of shoe to get the width they require. But this excess length in the toes means the foot can move around inside the shoe, which can reduce power, create painful blisters and even cause the shoe to wear out quicker than a pair that fits correctly due to the increase in friction between the foot and the lining.

So the next time you’re investing in a pair of golf shoes, make sure you get properly fitted on a Brannock device or at least try them on. Finally, don’t just assume you are the same size that you have been for the last 20 years either as shoe designs are constantly changing, meaning you may be half a size smaller or bigger than you used to be.

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