Inside Galvin Green: Returns Department

As you can imagine, the returns department at Galvin Green is a small, sparsely stocked room. Headed up by Linda whose job is to rigorously assess the few returns that do come in. At present, Galvin Green has a 0.8 per cent return rate – the goal is always to be less than one per cent, ideally zero!

Cases will always be solved one way or another within 24 hours. The most common cause of garments coming back is either small punctures from prickly bushes or from golfers not caring for their waterproofs according to the instructions prominently printed on them.

If you don’t wash and tumble try Gore-Tex waterproofs on a regular basis the water fails to bead off the material properly and instead gathers on the surface making the garment feel wet even though its not leaking.

The result is that Linda finds herself inadvertently running a laundry service for some Galvin Green product owners, giving their gear a thorough wash and dry to reactivate the Gore-Tex protection and perform like new.

“You should wash and tumble dry your waterproofs every time they get dirty or every 10 uses,” Linda explains. “People think you can wash away the waterproofness but in reality, it’s not possible to overwash them.”


How to care for your Galvin Green Gore-Tex garments

  1. Fold your waterproofs neatly, when storing them in your golf bag, with the jacket zipped up and kept away from any sharp objects.
  2. Never leave them scrunched up in your back, especially when wet. Always hang them up to let them air and dry off before wearing again.
  3. Be sure to clean or wash them down from any mud and grass, before putting them away again.
  4. Try to avoid prickly bushes or tree branches that could puncture the waterproof membrane.
  5. Wash and tumble dry your waterproofs regularly, following the instructions in the label, to reactivate the Gore-Tex protection.