Inside the Srixon Tour Truck
If you’ve been to a big tour event in Europe or perhaps the Open Championship, especially early in the week, you can’t fail to have been mighty impressed by the huge tour support vehicles that all the major brands now have.

Check out Srixon’s latest Z65 range here

They’ll be parked up somewhere in the vicinity of the practice ground, and there will usually be a steady stream of tour pros to be seen going in and out.

These smart, high-tech and, indeed, extremely expensive vehicles provide the highest levels of service that the modern tour pro demands to ensure that the kit he is playing from week to week is giving him the best possible chance of success. The Srixon tour truck will attend 25 tour events every year.

Readers Dan Gregory and Chris Henderson prepare to go on board

Srixon’s big white and red beast is one of the most eye-catching of these vehicles, and Golf Monthly readers Dan Gregory and Chris Henderson recently got the chance to have a good look round while the tour support truck attended a fitting day at the Srixon Cleveland Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

Watch 6-handicap reader Dan Gregory’s Srixon driver & fairway wood fitting

After both being fitted for a new Srixon driver and fairway wood, the pair went on board to see how the clubs would then be assembled, and to get the lowdown on the extent of the service the vehicle provides to Srixon’s line-up of European Tour players, and those from the PGA Tour when visiting these shores.

Watch 12-handicap reader Chris Henderson’s Srixon driver & fairway wood fitting

The man guiding them round was Jason Buckell, the Tour Co-ordinator for Srixon, who also found time to tell us a little bit more about the Srixon tour truck in the accompanying video.

“Yes, it’s a big commitment,” Jason says when I suggest it must be a big investment in terms of both time and money. “But we’ve got the best players in the world, so we have to make sure we give them the best service in the world!”