The TaylorMade tour truck is a regular fixture at European Tour events. It travels all over the UK and mainland Europe providing the gear support required by many of the best players in the world but what happens inside the TaylorMade tour truck. At the start June, the truck returned to TaylorMade’s European headquarters in Basingstoke to restock. Neil Tappin was on hand to provide a sneak peak at what goes on inside the TaylorMade tour truck…

Re-gripping area

There are 3600 grips on board. A pneumatic clamp holds the shaft in place without snapping it. There are two different types of tape so the grips can be set to the exact size the player is looking for.

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Loft and lie machines

An air clamp holds the club in place as the fitter manipulates the loft and lie. Small alterations are made and then checked as the club is slowly moved into exactly the correct set up position.

Control pads

An iPad is set in the rear wall to control the Apple TV and onboard Sky TV. There is also a temperature control panel.

Video Review: TaylorMade M2 Driver

Shaft store

There is space on board for over 4000 shafts. Most of the players on Tour require versions of extra stiff shafts in their clubs. There are current and old shaft models from every brand available.

Shaft cutter

Allows the shafts to be cut down to the specific length required by different players. There is one for either side of the workshop so two technicians can be working at any given time.

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Grinding machine

There are two different shaft belts. The blue version is for grinding down larger areas of excess metal while the red version is for small tweaks and polishing for a smooth finish.

Metalwood store

A combined 850 driver and fairway wood heads are kept on board when the truck is fully stocked. There is also room for 600 different hybrid heads. With so many players on tour using TaylorMade metalwoods, this is the busiest section of the truck.

Balls, hats and gloves

The players have their own cubby hole where the golf balls, gloves and hats for each week are stored. TaylorMade players receive 36 balls each week. The top row features slots for an impressive line-up of stars: Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Jason Day and Justin Rose.

Meeting Room

A meeting room inside the TaylorMade Tour truck has a black leather sofa, coffee machine, TV and fridge is a great place for the players to retreat from the bustle of a regular week on Tour.

Inside the TaylorMade Tour Truck: Vital statistics

8 Miles Per Gallon

35 Tonnes

22 weeks spent on the European Tour

510 horsepower Mercedes engine

20,000 miles per year

3 days – the longest drive the truck does from the UK to Valderrama