Some new KBS shafts have been revealed. The first is the FLT model, which features a new split design aimed at giving all golfers full control of their iron shots

KBS, the fastest-growing steel shaft golf brand that built its reputation on the success of its precision iron shafts, is adding an all-round model to its range to suit a wide array of players – from the Tour professional to the amateur golfer.

The new KBS Tour FLT shaft is designed for players looking for optimal launch capacity across the full iron set. The shaft produces a separately-tuned ball flight for each club – providing a lower ball flight for the eight iron down and a higher ball flight for the six iron and above.


KBS FLT 125 shaft


This split design capability means that the new KBS Tour FLT shaft offers the best of both worlds for golfers of all abilities, with a higher ball flight in the long irons where it is needed most, and a sharper, firmer and more controlled spin and flight in shorter irons.

“The KBS TOUR FLT shafts provide maximum energy transfer to ensure a smooth, stronger feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control,” said Kim Braly, R&D and Tour operations director.

“They are the first shafts ever designed to fit the broadest range of players and get successful results from the opening shot,” he added.

Braly, who has dominated shaft design for the past 20 years and continues to set the industry standards, has seen his shafts win more than 6,000 tournaments across the world. The KBS TOUR FLT comes in five flex options (X, S+, S, R and R+) with weights ranging from 110-130g and an RRP of £22.49 per shaft.

Also new for 2016 are the updated 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0 wedge shafts, designed to offer a specific flight and feel for wedge shots.

The 610 Wedge shaft delivers a lower, more penetrating ball flight with controlled spin that enables skilled players to produce knock-down shots and other workable shots into and around the green.

KBS wedge shafts

The firm tip section of the shaft reduces spin and delivers greater control and the wider butt from which the shaft derives its name (.610) ensures even more feel as well as shot-making. There are three flexes between 110g and 125g (R, S & S+), a length of 37 inches and an RRP of £30.

“KBS is the first steel shaft company to really focus on developing shafts expressly for wedges, which in many respects are the most important clubs in the bag, especially for Tour players,” said Kim Braly, R&D and Tour operations director.

“Along with the putter, wedges are the scoring clubs so any shaft design that helps to lower scores is going to prove popular with golfers at all levels.”

The Hi-Rev 2.0 features an active tip section that increases the effective loft of the club head, delivering a higher ball launch with more spin for added stopping power and accuracy. It also has an RRP of £30.