Whenever we hear of new Ping equipment on the way we always get excited about the chance to share it with you, and the launch of the new i and GMax irons, Glide ES wedge and two new Cadence TR putters is no different.

Ping i irons

The new Ping i irons


Ping i irons

Arguably the headline piece of new Ping equipment, the Ping i irons replace the i25 model, which proved very popular among club golfers and professionals alike. The new i model has some cool additions, including new materials that allowed Ping to increase workability without sacrificing forgiveness.

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Ping GMax irons

The new Ping GMax irons


Ping GMax irons

The new Ping GMax irons replace the Karsten model and offer both increased forgiveness and longer distance. The new look model has been made using a thinner and stronger material, and increases forgiveness through new ideas like progressive swing weights.

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Ping Glide ES wedge

The new Ping Glide ES wedge


Ping Glide ES wedge

The new Ping Glide ES wedge was inspired by Ping famous Eye2 wedge, and offers extra control when playing out of bunkers thanks to its scooped sole and high toe design.

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Ping Cadence TR

The new Cadence TR Craz-E-R


Ping Cadence TR putters

The new Ping Cadence TR Craz-E-R (left) andPing Cadence TR Ketsch Mid putters add new shapes to the popular range, which feature variable depth grooves for more consistent distance control.

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