Distinguished by its bold blue crown with Volt color in the Compression Channel, the Nike Vapor Fly driver has three key technologies that are said to increase launch, distance and forgiveness while reducing spin.

Nike Vapor Fly Range Revealed

A new crown design has been made 30 per cent lighter than last year’s model resulting in a lower center of gravity and higher MOI for higher launch, less spin and more forgiveness.

Another new feature is the HyperFlight face, which has been thinned out around the perimeter to minimize ball speed loss on off-centre hits.

The Compression Channel seen on previous drivers has been re-engineered, creating a springboard effect to amplify performance on miss-hits. Finally, the FlyBeams in the Covert Cavity Back have been widened and stiffended to spread weight to the perimeter and increase clubhead stability and efficiency at impact.

Nike Vapor Fly driver review

Down by the ball, the contrast between the clubface and crown makes accurate alignment an easier task. The sound at impact remains loud and powerful, offering a slightly high pitched acoustic that’s pleasing on the ears.

While the Vapor Fly driver inspires more confidence, we preferred the pear-shape of the Vapor Fly Pro driver. Performance between the two clubheads was similar, but not identical.

We tested the Vapor Fly with the stock stiff MRC Tensei CK Blue 50 shaft, which felt quite soft for our 103mph clubhead and as result both launch and spin numbers were quite high at 17° and 2600 rpm respectively.

Vapor Fly Pro driver WEB

But when testing the Vapor Fly Pro with the heavier MRC Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 shaft, while spin came down overall distance also reduced marginally. This may be because launch angle also came down, perhaps due to the heavier shaft.

From Nike’s own testing, they found the Vapor Fly driver to offer the lowest spin meaning that with the right shaft combination has the potential to work with any swing speed or ability of player. In fact, many Nike Tour athletes gravitated towards the driver with the largest profile last year, taking advantage of the extra forgiveness.