Odyssey White Hot RX putter review

Improving on the most successful putter insert of all time was always going to be difficult but Odyssey feel like they’ve done this with the new White Hot RX line of putters and we can’t help but agree.

The range comprises some of the most popular head shapes and there’s enough variety within the models to find a size, shape and weight that suits your stroke.

The first thing you notice is the feel. Odyssey putters have always felt soft but previous generations have at times felt jumpy off the face, especially on short and mid-range putts.

But there is no such problem with the new White Hot RX line. Thanks to the Metal X roll pattern incorporated into the face without the need for a metal mesh on top, the ball seems to hug the ground much earlier on its journey, meaning it holds its line better and goes in more often when you make a good stroke.

Most golfers will gravitate towards the 2-ball model, Odyssey’s best-selling putter of all time, thanks to the easy alignment and extra forgiveness. The feel of the SuperStroke grip, which comes with a £20 upcharge and matching Odyssey colours and graphics, genuinely enhances the feel of these putters and if you haven’t tried one yet, we recommend it because it will improve the putting of most that try it.

Not only will it eliminate wrist action due to its larger size, it will also provide a softer feel and more secure grip due to the spongy material that is used.

The White Hot RX putters come in the following head shapes: #1, #2, #7, #9, Rossie, V-Line Fang and 2-ball. The #2 model is a squared off version of the #1. The #7 has a deeper face based on feedback from consumers. The #9 also has deeper face, there’s the ever-popular 2-ball and new model called V-Line Fang.

The Odyssey White Hot RX putters go on sale from February 26th. Prices range from £129 to £189 for the larger Tank versions. Golfers can choose from the standard rubber or SuperStroke grip options.