Ping Tour Eye Waterproof Jacket Review

Designed in conjunction with staff player Louis Oosthuizen, the Tour Eye waterproof suit is part of the Sensor Dry platform and features a special technology called Pertex Shield +, which combines waterproof protection (guaranteed for three years), breathability and stretch properties for complete freedom of movement during the swing. The three layer, tightly woven stretch fabric on the jacket is also very durable, resisting abrasion in key areas, such as on the shoulders when carrying the golf bag.

It is available in both full and half zip models, with matching waterproof trousers that boast the exact performance characteristics found in the jacket, creating a protective, but playable suit.

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Anyone after a stylish set of waterproofs that is light, breathable and isn’t going to break the bank.

+ The ‘Eye’ name is one that represents performance and innovation when associated with Ping and on the Tour Eye waterproof suit, it lives up to its billing. The material is the suit’s showpiece, offering excellent protection while still being incredibly thin and lightweight, giving it more of a wind stopper feel. You’ll be genuinely blown away by the way the water droplets form and then run off quickly, hardly leaving any moisture behind. Not only does this make the suit very quick drying, but it also remains lightweight after a shower, which is ideal for those who prefer to carry their golf bag. These people will be reassured further by the durability of the fabric on the shoulder area where the straps on your bag rest. Another noteworthy feature of the material is its flexibility. Its stretchy property means that movement during the swing is completely unrestricted while the softness of the fabric means it’s comfortable and quiet during the swing and when you walk between shot. The vent at the back of the jacket means air can get in to keep you cool while the trousers are easy to slide on, stylish, and offer the same excellent protection as the impressive jacket.

– The suit only comes in one colourway at present; hopefully there will be some more colours available in the near future.