Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley Review – Key Technology

The Stewart Golf R1-S Push trolley (RRP £199) features a unique folding system that removes any external mechanisms, which also means it’s much less likely to catch on something and break. It’s a design that also means that when folded it fits in your boot with plenty of room to spare. This unique design also keeps dirt and dust away from the mechanism and that should mean that it lasts longer than other trolleys.

The Stewart Golf R1-S Push also comes with a strap system that works brilliantly at holding bags in place, while a footbrake also secures it on hilly terrain.

While some will prefer a brake on the handle, the Stewart Golf designers tell us that a handle brake becomes slacker quicker because of the extra wiring, which is why they stuck with a foot version.

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Golf Monthly Verdict

The Stewart Golf R1-S Push is an excellent model that only improves on the Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley. The folding mechanism should ensure that the trolley lasts for a long time, as there’s very little that can go wrong, while the folding and unfolding itself takes seconds and is very intuative. As one of the smallest trolleys on the market when folded, its compact size is also particularly impressive.

There are a few very minor quibbles. The console can get in the way of getting your clubs out of the bottom of your bag, while its shallow space doesn’t hold as many items as some of its push trolley rivals. We also prefer using hand brakes to foot brakes, however, we can’t argue with Stewart Golf’s logic that less brake wiring in the frame means it will be more reliable and durable.

All in all this is a well thought out trolley that should be very high on your list to try.