The TaylorMade M1 fairway, the company’s first multi-material designed fairway, has been revealed.

As with the M1 driver and Rescue, the fairway has been developed with input from some of the leading players in the world of golf.

Designed to be their most adjustable fairway to date, the club uses the same Front Track system as the M1 driver.

Whereas the M1 driver T-Track system has 25g of adjustable weight, the fairway uses two 15g tungsten weights that slide easily to aid a draw or fade using the TaylorMade torque wrench.

A carbon composite crown allows for 30g of moveable weight, which is 5g more than the R15  fairway.

Golfers can split the two 15g weights, increasing the clubs’ inertia and aiding ball speed on mishits.

Turf-to-sole interaction is helped by the reduced channel on the Front Track of the fairway.

The club also has a four degree loft sleeve, enabling a decrease or increase in loft of two degrees.

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Brian Bazzel, Senior Director of Product Creation, said: “With the constant advances in titanium technology, we found ourselves at a crossroads, one where the R15 was almost unbeatable.

“We have an allegiance to performance and we were willing to use whatever material or construction necessary to deliver it. I believe the new M1 is a true reflection of our dedication to improving golfers through innovative designs.”

It will be available for purchase in three lofts: 3 – 15°, 3HL (RH only) – 17° and 5 – 19°. All will have the Fujikura Pro 70 shaft in X, S, R and M  flexes. The club will retail at £249 and is released on October 8th.

The fairway is part of TaylorMade’s recent launch that includes the driver, Rescue and PSi and PSi Tour irons.

The company are calling the M1 their first “unmetalwood” due to its complex, multi-material construction.