Tested By You – GM Readers Review New Gear

After Nike moved away from producing golf equipment last year, a number of its resulting free agents on tour turned straight to Mizuno’s irons to fill the gap.

Keen to see if our readers could enjoy the same benefits the likes of Brooks Koepka and Paul Casey have experienced, we contacted Mizuno.

Step in Matthew McIsaac, a Mizuno fitting expert tasked with fitting two Golf Monthly readers into one of its JPX900 iron models. He used Mizuno’s DNA fitting tool to capture their important swing data, such as swing speed, tempo and kick angle, with the system then suggesting three suitable shaft options.

With this shortlist in hand, Matthew worked through the potential options with our readers hitting shots on TrackMan. He also noted their personal head and flight preferences before making his final recommendation.

One of the lucky duo was scratch golfer Tom Greenfield, who was seeking a more predictable flight than his current set gave him. You see how he got on in the video above and in the text below, with all the launch monitor data also printed in August’s issue of Golf Monthly magazine.

Matthew’s Fitter Analysis

“Tom’s a great ball striker, but his current irons were coming out with very low spin. This was giving him a flat flight, so holding greens was sometimes an issue. The key for us was to increase his spin, and with our Mizuno JPX900 Tour head, he had the same clubhead speed but much more consistency. All his 6-irons were landing within a ten-yard gap. Before, they flew between 180 and 215 yards.”

Tested By You - Mizuno 1

GM reader Tom testing the Mizuno JPX900 Tour during his fitting session

Tom’s Initial Feedback

“The JPX900 Tour looks like a blade, which I like, but still has a good amount of forgiveness. The KBS Tour C-Taper shaft gave me the low flight I need for links golf, but crucially with much more consistent spin numbers.”

Tom’s On-Course Feedback

“Using the irons at Hoylake since, I’ve been able to hit penetrating shots into the wind, yet downwind I can still hit it high so I can stop shots quickly. During my fitting they were flying shorter than my current irons, but once I got them in my fitted spec they flew much further, which has meant less time adjusting.”