When Golf Monthly was invited to attend the Mercedes-Benz Patron’s Day at Royal Birkdale just six weeks ahead of this year’s Open Championship, we were given time to not only speak with Gary Player about all things golf, but also to witness an extremely entertaining and informative Gary Player golf clinic, which you can watch above.

Speaking to a group of Mercedes-Benz guests, the opinionated 81-year-old was at his best, showing off his physique and sharing his pearls of wisdom, from Ben Hogan’s takeaway advice to Tiger Woods’ putting secret.

Gary Player Golf Clinic

Gary Player warms up for his golf clinic on the range at Royal Birkdale

Of course, Player has been into his fitness and health for many years, long before it became part and parcel of the professional game, and for the first part of his clinic he emphasised just how important the core is for a good rotation and creating power in the golf swing. If the core is strong, then the hands and arms have no option but to follow it, as he demonstrated with a range of sound effects for added value!

The nine-time major champion then went on to one of Hogan’s great swing tips, demonstrating the importance of a compact takeaway in performing under pressure. Using some of Great Britain’s best amateurs who were in attendance to make his point, Player displayed the difference a good takeaway can make.

Gary Player golf clinic flag

Gary Player signing a Royal Birkdale Open flag that you can win on Instagram

Gary Player was hosting a clinic at the Mercedes-Benz Patron’s Day at Royal Birkdale. Mercedes-Benz is an Official Patron and the Official Car of The Open.