Of all the great golfing talents to emerge from Sweden, Henrik Stenson is one of the most successful and by looking at my Henrik Stenson golf swing analysis, it’s not hard to see why. At 6 ft 3ins and around 200 lbs (most of it muscle!) he is an imposing figure and there is no reason why he should not posses one of the most powerful swing’s in the game. But this is also technically one of the best swings of the modern era, and his impressive stats of hitting 70% of the fairways and 75 % of the greens, back this up.

One of the areas where his physical strength is most evident, strangely enough, is at address. A strong core allows him to set an excellent posture – there is no question of any stooping here which for the taller player is always a danger. There is no tension in his hands or forearms either and he begins the swing with passive arms (there are no unwanted movements sending the club off the correct path). The club reacts to the momentum of the upper body, and I really like this deep upper body coil leaving him fully loaded over a very stable base at the top of the backswing. The transition is textbook as the club re-routes into the downswing on a good line, and there is a real sense of power being stored as he makes his way back to the ball.

As with all top golfers, Henrik doesn’t rush to release the club, and he stays over the ball through impact (returning to the same athletic posture he set at address).

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One small quirk with Henrik’s swing is that he doesn’t appear to look at the ball through impact. You might think this is strange but as he releases his body through the strike, so his head turns allowing him to clear his body and move his weight towards the target. As long as his head doesn’t lift or dip (which it doesn’t) he has no problem striking the ball purely every time.