As this John Daly swing sequence shows, he was the longest hitter of his generation. But more than this, he had the short game touch and natural creativity to match.

Here, in his own words is a candid account of how he developed the impressive set of skills that enabled him to become a two-time major winner.

As far as learning the technique goes, my golf game was kind of a self-taught. It would have been in 1970, or maybe 1971, that Jack Nicklaus came out with cartoon golf lessons in Golf Digest.

Well, that was how I learned to grip the club – this taught me how slice it, cut it, draw it. That’s how I learned to play golf and it started with the grip. It was a simple way that Jack explained it in that magazine: you want to hit a cut? Take the club outside.

You want hot a draw? Take it inside. It was as simple as that. The rest is about your body making your hands do what they need to do.

I’d say the only coach I have ever had was a guy named Rick Ross who was a local guy here in Dardanelle.

He was a great teacher, and I remember one of the things he told me was to keep it low and slow on the takeaway and that’s pretty much all I ever think about.

As far as hitting the golf ball a long way goes, what you need to do is try to max out your clubhead speed to where it is comfortable for you.

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If you can do that repetitively, over and over again, that’s the aim. You might hit one straight drive 350 yards in a round, but my answer would be that you should want to hit it 280 straight every time.

You can’t help anybody hit it longer; you can only help them to find their max distance, and then you have to work out how they can do that every time.

When you are playing well, you feel pressure in a positive way. It is a positive energy that you have.

For me, it is so positive that a bad shot is not going to affect me that much because I’ve got so much positive energy going round. It makes the pressure fun.

I have never been a guy to think about how much money I am going to win; I just play. If I have a chance, I’m going for everything.

I’m not going to lay-up if it’s a par 5 that I can reach. Even if there is only a slight chance, I’m going for it.