Thomas Pieters Driving Tips

Belgium’s Thomas Pieters is one of the longest drivers of the golf ball on the European Tour. He averages over 304 yards and admits to hitting his three wood just as much as his driver off the tee because of the added control this club offers.

His length off the tee was instrumental in recording two wins in the space of three weeks at the D+D Real Czech Masters and KLM Open, en route to finishing 29th in the 2015 Race to Dubai.

While not overly muscular, his long, flexible frame and solid technique enables him to create plenty of width and speed in the club. But it is this smoothness and rhythm that is something Pieters goes back to every day on the range.

One of the things Pieters works on the most is tempo. Specifically, making sure you don’t start the downswing too aggressively from the top of the backswing. Having some width on the downswing, swinging the club down on a similar path to the one it took on the way back is also important in creating consistency.

A pause at the top of the swing helps to start the downswing with the lower body correctly, without dragging the handle of the club with the hands, which can create problems with timing and ball striking.

In Thomas Pieters’ bag at the moment is the Callaway Great Big Bertha driver. He’s had it in the bag for nearly six months and enjoys both the distance and accuracy it provides. The sliding weight is positioned slightly in the fade setting, he uses nine degrees of loft and has a Diamana 60g x-flex shaft.