The takeaway is a vitally important move in the golf swing. Get it right and you will set the club working on the right path. Get it wrong and you will need to make compensations later in your swing to hit good shots. This of course, will make you less consistent. The good news is the takeaway is something we can all get right with a little practice, especially if we can create a one-piece takeaway. But what is a one-piece takeaway in golf?

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What is a one-piece takeaway in golf?

A one-piece takeaway refers to the triangle between the clubhead and your shoulders. Until your wrists hinge to set the angle in the backswing (creating important power), you should try to keep this triangle in one piece. If you snatch the club away on the inside, for instance, with an overactive wrist action, that triangle will be lost. If you are working on your takeaway, the image of this triangle is very useful as the takeaway and swing path are linked. Keep it intact for as long as you can, until your wrists hinge to set the angle in the backswing. This will ensure that during the early stages, your swing is right on plane and ready to find better ‘natural’ positions throughout.

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A great drill is to place the butt of the club in your belly button and grip half way down the shaft. Replicate your normal takeaway and if you are doing it correctly the butt of the club will stay in contact with your belly button throughout. If pops out of position your wrist hinge will be too active, too early and you’ll need to work on creating a more passive takeaway. This simple tip will help you with one of the most important moves in the golf swing, setting the right path at the right tempo for much more consistent golf shots.