Hitting a draw video

Try the tips below for hitting a draw if you consistently have a weak, left-to-right ball flight and you  have difficulty manipulating the shape of your shots.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are forced into hitting a certain shot. One of the hardest, is the draw.

Whether you’re behind a tree, or you’ve blocked yourself out on a dogleg hole, sometimes the only only way to get back into position is to hit a draw.

If you hit a straight shot, the ball will head towards the bushes. I’d suggest you start by aiming the clubface just to the right of the tree (the alignment stick on the ground shows the direction of the clubface).

Then, take your address position but ensure your body is closed to the angle of the clubface. It’s the difference between your body and clubface angles here that will help you find the sidespin you need at impact.

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The good news is that once you’ve set these angles, all you need to do is concentrate on making a good swing.

Draw the clubhead back low and slightly inside your target line. Try to resist the natural temptation to raise your arms and hands.

You should feel like you’re swinging the clubhead around your body, with your hands staying even with or just below your right shoulder.

Then from the top, keep in mind where your target is and an aggressive swing under and out toward it. This will prevent an over the top move and route your club on the in-to-out path required to create enough right-to-left spin to hit a draw.

The easy mistake to make is to stop turning. This usually results in the shot being pushed out to the right.

Make an attempt to point your right shoulder at the target as you swing through and complete your swing.

If you manage to complete your swing this way, you’ll reduce the chance of a push and the ball will should draw just as planned.


  • Aim the club just to the right of the trouble in front of you
  • Ensue body is aligned closed to the angle of the club face
  • From there just make a good swing and release the club