It is important for every golfer to understand how takeaway and swing path are linked. The takeaway is an essential move that either starts your swing off on a good path or not. In particular, in this piece I want to talk about the fault I see most often when it comes to the takeaway and that’s pulling the club away on the inside.

Golfers are not stupid and they know that the ideal swing path through impact is in-to-out. To help in this quest, it makes sense to take the club away on the inside. But this actually causes you to redirect the swing path on the way down. Coming over the top during the downswing will actually cause the slice you want to avoid.

I want you to develop a more neutral swing path and this of course starts with the takeaway. As you can see, I have set and alignment stick in the ground at an angle. All I am looking to do here is take the club away without hitting the stick. If I can do that I will not be dragging the club away on an inside path.

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One more point I’d like to make is about rhythm. The golf swing should have a steady build-up of pace, reaching its maxium through impact. Do not snatch the club away to quickly but let the first move in the swing be as smooth as possible. This is the best way to develop the rhythm you need to get your arms and body working in synchronisation.

This is a very simple drill but it works really well to help you start the club moving on the correct swing path. If you are looking to fix your slice, this drill is well worth trying.