Punch hybrid shot video

Try this shot if:

  • Your bad shot tends to be a big miss and you’re looking for increased control with your hybrids.
  • You’re more of a high-ball player which makes escaping trouble or playing in the wind difficult.

The hybrid is great at getting the ball up in the air, but it’s also a very versatile club. For example, if you need to bring the flight down to control the ball in the wind, you can – here are my hybrid punch shot tips…

All I would do in this situation is move the ball more towards the middle of my stance and add a little more weight on my left side at address. These are two of the most basic fundamentals to play the punch shot.

Only make a three-quarter backswing, but still makesure you incorporate a lot of body turn. Ensure you stay centered over the ball whilst you turn, minimising any sway to the left or right.

Making these adjustments should be enough to bring the flight of the shot down, and produce a more penetrating ball flight. This is just what you’re looking for if it’s a windy day. Some players also like to curtail the follow through to control the flight of their punch shot.

Similar to when playing from the rough, this will help you hit down on the ball, delofting the club a little through impact for a lower ball flight.

More long game tips

You could also try gripping down the grip an inch or so for increased control. This will also make it easier to flight the ball lower and keep it under the wind.

With these small changes, you will be able to make a normal swing and bring the flight down by 10 or 15 feet. I’m still getting the power of my hybrid, but it will be much more penetrating, which is ideal in windy conditions.


  • Ball position a little further forward
  • Little more weight on the left side