There are very few players, even out on Tour, who don’t carry hybrids these days. The flight they offer means you can attack greens from distance and for me, it’s the stopping power they offer when playing into firm putting surfaces, that’s so important. I get five yards extra carry with my 4 hybrid than my old 4-iron but the ball stops a lot faster and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Ian Poulter Hybrid Tips

Hybrids are great for attacking the green from distance. Here I’ll show you how to set up for and play the simple hybrid from the fairway to help you get the most from the technology on offer.

Ball position

First and foremost we need to nail down our ball position. With a hybrid in hand you want the ball to be landing on the green and stopping as quickly as possible. If you move the ball back in your stance, the trajectory comes down and you get a lower flight with more roll. That’s not what you want from your basic hybrid shot from the fairway. So I set the ball position just inside my left heel. This means you can make a normal swing and get the flight you are looking for from your hybrid.

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Angle of attack

For a simple hybrid shot from the fairway you should be trying to pick the ball off the top of the grass. You shouldn’t really be trying to take too much of a divot as this requires a steeper angle of attack into the ball and as such, a lower flight. Instead, aim to brush the grass through impact. This will help you find the ideal shallow angle of attack into the golf ball you need for the high flight and soft landing you’re looking for.