Par 3 strategy

It’s fascinating how if you put a player on a fairway with 140 yards to go, more times than not, they will hit the green.

This percentage decreases considerably when you put the same player on the tee box of a par three.

This is purely psychological because they put themselves under pressure, which makes the strategy key.

Avoid the temptation to go pin seeking and focus on the distance to the centre of the green. A large percentage of players will miss a par three green short because they don’t strike the shot perfectly.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a club that if you hit your absolute best, will fly to the back section of the green.

If you then miss hit the ball a little, it will still end up in the middle or the front of the green, giving you a chance to two putt and make your par.

If you know you’re likely to struggle to reach the green, or if there’s a water hazard or bunker you must avoid, don’t be afraid to lay up short of the green.

Leave yourself with a straight forward chip shot that you have a good chance of getting up and and down in a maximum of three shots.

On tough par 3’s, it’s much better to walk away with a bogey than it is a triple bogey.

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Don’t forget

When playing a par three you should resist the temptation to tee the ball up like you are hitting a driver – here’s a guide on how high to tee the ball when you DO have a driver in hand.

This means the top of the face strikes the ball, causing it to pop up in the air and land short of the green. Tee the ball up just enough to give yourself a good lie.

When hitting an iron,  stick the tee peg in the ground so its head is just above the grass.This will ensure that the ball is lined up with the bottom third of the clubface.

Shot on location at Montgomerie Maxx Royal, Turkey by Tom Miles