– You are struggling with accuracy
– Your rhythm has become rushed

Fix: Takeaway sequence in golf

The takeaway is an incredibly important element to any swing. Get it right and you’ll set the club on a good path at the perfect speed – long straight shots are the likely outcome. The good news is this is one aspect of the game we can all get right. To help, lay down two clubs to create a line – this really helps to visualise what the correct movement should be.

I see too many amateurs snatch the club away on the inside and this forces them to come ‘over the top’ during the downswing. So as you take the club back, make sure it doesn’t move inside the two shafts marking the line of your feet.

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As the club reaches parrallel to the ground, the shaft on the ground and the one in your hangs should be at the same angle. The face of the club will be pointing to your right – not up in the sky or down at the ground. Have the shafts on the ground offers a great check point.

Once the initial takeaway has been made, hinge your wrists to keep the club on a good path. Finally, make sure that as you take the club back, it moves at a smooth pace. This will help set the rhythm that delivers the club with the optimum amount of speed through impact. Give this drill a try, it could hold the key to more accurate, powerful shots.