What is the right grip pressure?

Getting the right grip presure is essential because you need relaxed forearms to make a free-flowig, fluid golf swing. We go into more detail about why a good grip is so important and how to set it here. But to set the right grip pressure, try this.

Grip the club as usual and hold the club out in front of you so that your arms are horizontal. Now reduce your grip pressure so the club slowly drops down. Now increase the pressure gradually until the club raises back to its original position. Once the club is back up, do not squeeze it any tighter. This is the ideal grip pressure – enough to be in control of the club but without strangling it and restricting your own swing.

Under pressure the tendency is to squeeze the grip too tight so watch out for this while you are out on the course competing for real.

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Grip test

To see how effective your grip is you need to test it. Hit five balls consecutively without adjusting your hands on the club between shots. At the end, check the position of the clubface and if it’s not perfectly square to the target, there is a problem.

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Place a tee peg between your left hand and the top of the shaft. Again, hit a series of shots ensuring that the tee remains in place. This simple drill will prevent your left hand from moving and changing position during the swing.

If you can groove agrip that is tight enough to control the clubhead whilst ensuring that the muscles in your forearms remain relaxed, your accuracy and power will both benefit. This is well worth taking time to check while you’re on the practice range.