50 yard pitch shot video

Even the best players in the world leave themselves in tricky spots. Whether you’re trying to win your club championship or break 100 for the first time, the key to improving your scoring at all levels is by having an efficient short game, both in terms of your technique and the decisions you make.

50 yards is a tricky yardage that we all face from time to time, so it is worth practising. I first start by gripping down the club about an inch and a half.

This makes the shaft slightly stiffer and will bring down the flight of the ball a little bit. At address, I’ll narrow my stance, like I would for a chip, and turn my feet towards the target slightly.

My knees and hips are also turned in that direction – this means that as I flex my knees, my weight is moving into my left side.

If I get too square and set my weight forward, I will be off balance and this doesn’t help you to rotate your body through the shot either.

Another key factor for playing this shot is to ensure I feel the flex in my left knee remains longer than usual through the shot.

This just helps me to turn my body through the shot. Give these adjustments a go as you practise this difficult yardage – they should give you the control and feel you need to hit it close.

Key tips

  • Grip down on the club about an inch and a half
  • Narrow your stance at address, turning your feet slightly towards the target
  • Also turn your hips and knees in the same direction
  • Shift your weight to your left side by flexing your knees
  • Feel the flex in your left knee remain longer than usual throughout the shot
  • Ensure you keep your body turning through the shot