70 yard pitch shot video

If  you really want to develop as a player and break through your handicap barrier, it’s really important to focus on your pitching.

Being able to get up and down, either for birdie or par, from inside 100 yards can transform a round and help you return consistently good scores.

My method for controlling pitching distance  is to use three reference points to judge the length of my backswing.

The first is to feel as if the clubhead is in line with my right shoulder at the top of the backswing – with my 54-degree wedge this goes about 60 to 65 yards.

Then, the next position is to feel that the sticker at the top of the shaft is in line with my shoulder. With this length of swing, the ball will go between 70 and 75 yards.

Next is the hands-to-shoulder position, which goes between 80 and 85 yards, and then, finally, I have a full swing, which will go around 100 yards.

Of course, it requires some work in practice to figure out exactly how far each of these positions goes, but when you get out to the course, you’ll gain a lot of confidence from knowing that you can hit certain key yardages.

The only other tip I have is to ensure you maintain your clubhead speed through the ball – make sure you don’t decelerate.


  • Use 3 reference points to judge the length of your backswing
  • Clubhead is in line with your right shoulder
  • Sticker at the top of the shaft is in line with your left shoulder
  • Hands-to-shoulder position

Each of the reference positions outlined, in addition to a full swing, above goes a different distance, depending on which wedge you’re using.

Using these less than full swing techniques will help you control spin, especially in the Winter when the greens are soft and you want to minimise spin generation.