Find your strike point when chipping onto the green regularly and improve the consistency of your short game with Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs quick pro tip.

Common Faults

Inconsistent strikes are killing your short game while chipping

Nervous tension 
upsets your rhythm around the greens on the golf course while chipping

Pro-Tip Fix

As coaches, we often speak of the importance of having a pre-shot routine. The good news is this doesn’t have to be too rigid or lengthy, but can involve something very easy that simply sets a positive outlook.

If you have been having problems with your short game make a series of practice swings next to your ball when chipping.

Do not stop between each swing, but create a smooth, flowing rhythm by going straight from one swing to the next. Repeat this four or five times. This simple short game drill will help you in three ways.

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Firstly, it will relieve the build-up of tension. Secondly, you’ll start to develop a feel for the sort of flowing rhythm that delivers genuine distance control. And finally, you’ll be able to see, from where the club hits the ground, where your wedge is bottoming out.

This will help you set the ideal ball position as you walk into address for your chip shot. Without becoming too technical and mechanical you should be able to find far more consistent strikes in your short game.