Flop shot masterclass video

If you want to be known as a good short-game player, you have to relish the challenge of getting your ball up and down from difficult positions.

The more creative you can be in your practice sessions, the more versatile and skilful your short game will become.

Of course, one greenside option you must have in your armoury is the flop shot. When you’re stuck behind a bunker – or any other hazard – with the pin cut tight to your side of the green, the only way to get the ball close will be to find a high flight that lands softly.

The key to this shot lies in the set-up. Firstly, flex your knees more than you
would for a normal shot to lower your centre of gravity and get your weight centred.

Set the ball in the middle of your stance and open up the face of your wedge so you can see as much loft as possible at address. Now you’re ready to go.

These adjustments will enable you to find the flight you’re looking for. Now, the main thing to focus on is making a smooth, flowing swing.

This will help you guard against two common errors – decelerating through impact (causing a duff) or attacking the ball with a jerky acceleration (causing either a poor strike or lack of distance control).

Keep the swing smooth and rhythmical, because that’s the key to the ‘soft’ strike that you need for the ball to come down softly on the green.

Time spent practising this shot will really pay dividends, enabling you to get up and down more often from tricky spots.


  • Flex your knees to lower your centre of gravity
  • Centre your weight
  • Ball position middle of stance
  • Open the face to maximise loft
  • Make a smooth, flowing swing