Flop Shot Technique


l Your short game lacks versatility
l You catch flop 
shots fat or thin


The ability to play a flop shot is something every golfer should have. Here’s the basic technique – you should notice some similarities with the way you play bunker shots. Start by making sure the lie isn’t too bare – you’ll need some grass beneath the ball to slide the clubhead under. At address, open the face of your wedge so you have plenty of loft to help the ball up, and move 
the ball forward in your stance.

As you take the club back, 
hinge your wrists immediately 
to maximise the loft on the 
club. Then, try to keep the face of your wedge pointing at the sky for longer than usual 
through impact. As the club glides through to the target, the ball will pop straight up into the air. Take some time to perfect the key points above, and remember that if you want the ball to fly high and land soft, you’ll need a smooth rhythm.

Golf tips: learn the flop shot