How to chip under pressure

There will be times during a round where you will find yourself in places you didn’t intend to be. This is all part of the game and should be something to embrace and enjoy, rather than fear.

As a result you will be forced to take on intimidating shots that could prove costly if they go wrong, whether it’s a delicate lob shot to a tight pin to a 40 yard bunker shot with water behind the green.

If you are faced with a chip shot that features danger between you and the hole, there are a number of things to remember that will help you to face your fear.

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Firstly all of your attention should be focused on what you want to achieve rather than what you don’t want to do.

Pick your landing area and the club you need to land the ball there. Once you’ve decided on your shot the danger should be out of your mind.

Stay focused on that landing zone and on keeping the club accelerating through to impact with the ball. Stay fully committed to the strike.

This confident and committed swing will help you to avoid danger and help you to chip the ball close more often than not.

Try this!

When working on your chipping away from the course set yourself difficult shots to take on rather than straight forward chip shots. This will help prepare you for any unusual situations out on the course.

Don’t always give yourself the perfect lie. Drop balls from shoulder height and play them from whatever lie they end up in. Then you won’t be so intimidated by poor lies out on the course when it matters.

Shot on location at the Montgomerie Maxx Royal, Turkey by Tom Miles