How to chip with a hybrid golf club?

A common misconception of the hybrid chip is that it can only be used when the ball is sitting up. It’s extremely effective from difficult lies. In fact, if you’re just off the green and the ball is sat down, this is a must for most amateurs – unless the ball is sitting down in really thick rough in which case you will have to chip it. The extra weight in the head combined with the loft will get the ball out of its hole and rolling nicely on the green.

Drop a number of balls around the green so they are semi-buried. Play the shot with your hybrid club using your normal putting grip. Keep your wrists firm and use a rock of the shoulders, brushing the surface of the ground as you swing through. Try to maintian the v-shape between your shoulders and the clubface as you swing back and through – this will prevent you from flicking the clubhead at the ball and losing control of the shot. In this instance, unlike the chip shown in the video, you want solid wrists as it is a short shot. You will be surprised how effectively the ball pops out and amazed at how good the contact will be.

One thing to be wary of is how fast the ball comes off the face. The technology in a modern day hybrid means the ball comes off quickly with much more speed than, for instance, a putter. This takes a bit of getting used to so practice it first before you head to the course.

Finally, at address set your posture and then let your arms hang naturally under your body. This will help the pendulum motion you need for a smooth rhythm and good distance control.