How to play the 60 yard pitch


You have problems controlling the distance on short pitches

You often catch short pitches fat or thin


This little half pitch is a real shot-saver, and so it makes sense to work on the technique this summer. Start by setting the ball in the middle of your stance, and then make sure your hands and sternum are slightly ahead of the ball. You don’t want to overdo this because you’ll only end up de-lofting the club and hitting the ball too low, and probably too far. However, setting your hands and sternum ahead of the ball is important to take the bounce off the club for a sweet strike.

Finally, don’t forget this is a smaller version of your normal swing and you should use your body in the same way. Rotate back and through, letting your arms work with your body to improve your overall level of consistency. Take these thoughts with you to the range and practise this technique as much as you can – it’s a real shot saver.