These tips should help you master the hybrid chip shot, especially if you often duff chip shots from short range and you always use your wedges when chipping.

My ball has finished in a common position here, just below the level of the green. I’m sure the majority of people reading this would reach for one of their wedges and try to pitch the ball up on the green.

However, there is an easier way that has far less risk attached to it. Select your hybrid, take a narrow stance and grip down the shaft more than usual.

For the swing itself, I’ll set my wrists on the way back (as I would for a normal chip) and just maintain that angle through the rest of the shot.

This will bump the ball into the bank in front of me, and allow the ball to roll up to the flag like a putt.

Dedicate a bit of time to this shot in practice – it’s a much safer and less complicated option than chipping the ball into the air

Top tips

  • By using a hybrid off a tight greenside lie, you massively increase your margin for error than if you were to use a high lofted wedge.
  • A bad chip with the hybrid will be far less damagaing than a bad chip with a lob wedge.
  • Use a narrow stance, and choke down the grip more than usual.
  • Set your wrists on the way back and maintain that angle throughout the rest of the shot.
  • The goal is to bumpt the ball into the bank or slope in front of you, to then get it rolling up the green towartds the flag like a putt.
  • Take the time to practice this shot before using it on the course, as it takes a while to get used to how hard to hit the ball to make it go the required distance.