McDowell flop shot video

In order to improve your ability around the greens and to get up and down more often, you need to have as wide array of options as possible.

Having a range of chip shots will allow you to adapt and take on every situation a round of golf might throw at you.

Competing on different courses every week has taught me to be creative with my short game. The flop shot is a must have shot.

It is not a shot that I would recommend you try very often, but every now and then you will find yourself in a position where you have short-sided yourself and you need to get the ball up quickly, and stopping quickly.

Much like a bunker shot, you are looking to add loft to the club by leaning the shaft back and then following your body around so that the butt of the grip is pointing at your belt.

From that point, you are really looking to return that club back to the ball with the loft you have just set.

Resist the temptation to drive the wrists forward or flick at the ball. Swing with confidence by staying down on the shot and allow the loft, bounce and design of the head to get the ball up quickly for you

This shot certainly takes some practice, so make sure you reherse it several times before try it in your monthly medal!

Be cautious attempting this off hard, right lies, as  there is much less margin for error and perfecting the strike becomes much tougher.


  • Add loft to the club by leaning the shaft back
  • Butt end of the grip pointing at your belt
  • Return the club back to the ball with the loft set at set-up
  • Let the club do the work to get the ball air born
  • Don’t try and flip or scoop the ball with wristy movements